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Slate card is not premium card anymore.

The so-called premium Slate card is not premium anymore. It is not even comparable to the second level Icy card from the competition Cyrpto.com - Icy Card.

  • Cost: CRO Icy card costs 40K USD, while SWIPE SLATE costs 100K SXP ~ 340K USD -->  8 times expensive.
  • Savings Program: CRO has earn program with extra interest for Icy card holders, SXP has removed the savings program no ETA on the future plan
  • APY on locked coins: CRO card provides 12% APY on locked CRO coins., SXP removed the on-chain in Feb and no alternative plan in place
  • Fiat Spending: CRO Icy card supports Fiat spending, while Swipe doesn't support.  Binance and FTX cards that are based on Swipe does have Fiat spending.
  • Cashback: CRO Icy card gives 5% cashback on purchases. Swipe slate says 8% cashback, but doesn't have fiat spending, so we lose 3% on fiat-to-crypto and crypto to fiat conversion. Effectively making a 5% card.
  • Customer care: CRO Icy card provides premium customer care. Swipe support is utterly disappointing with pending tickets for months and no updates.
  • Metal cards: CRO has metal cards with a premium look while Swipe slate is a plastic card without any premium feel.

Why does anyone has to pay 350K USD to get a slate card ? What extra benefits does it have compared to 40K CRO icy card?

Is Swipe planning to shutdown slate card holders and dropping benefits one by one ? Need proper communication from JL about the intentions..


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